Where Are Brooks Shoes Made?


Where Are Brooks Shoes Made?

Choosing the right shoe can assist you in avoiding common injuries associated with your sport. Many athletes practice sports without shoes because they are usually looking for more pleasurable sensations. But the lack of cushioning is particularly felt during sports, mainly those which include one or more jumps.

Athletes have significant pressure on their feet, legs, and ankles. That’s why wearing well-fitting shoes is important for maintaining mobility and avoiding pain.

If you love sports, you should buy a pair of shoes that are specifically designed for sports. There are a lot of sports shoes in the market. But if you are a basketball or football player and looking for the best shoes, then you come to the right place. Brooks provides you high-quality sports shoes.

Brooks offers breathable clothing, outwear, and shoes for running, walking, or any other sport. This brand offers everything you need to be well equipped for fitness or trail running in particular. If you are curious and want to know where are brooks shoes made? I am here to explain every detail. Just read the whole article for exciting information.

Brooks History:

Brooks Running is a sports equipment company based in the United States. This company was founded back in 1914 by John Brooks Goldenberg. At the time, the company was satisfied with producing sports equipment for baseball and American football. It wasn’t until the 1970s that it became known as a running shoe brand.

Brooks was one of the first brands to include recycled materials in their athletic shoes. They considered the unique needs of athletes who suffered from foot injuries during sports. Brooks is dedicated to making the running experience as pleasurable as possible.

In 2014, the company collaborated with Bluesign Technologies (stylized as Bluesign technologies) to assess, monitor, and reduce priority chemicals used in the textile manufacturing process.

Who Owns Brooks Shoes?

It is a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary. In 2006, Russell was purchased by Fruit of the Loom and Brooks became a subsidiary of Fruit of the Loom’s parent company, Berkshire Hathaway.

Where Are Brooks Shoes Made?

Brooks goods are available in 60 countries worldwide, with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It is a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary.


Because of trade battle issues between the United States of America and China, the CEO of Brooks brand has announced that the company will move the majority of its production to the outside of China. In an interview, he said that this decision was made in January when the president of the United States, Donald Trump, threatened to raise the taxes on sports shoes from 20 percent to 45 percent.

According to Weber, the tariff threat impacted heavily on Brooks because the company cannot simply raise the price of its shoes, which generally retail for $100 to $160 a pair. That’s why the company is shifting the majority of its production to Vietnam. In one of his interviews, he stated that:

“Most of our products will be shifted from China. We had to make a long-term decision in this situation. It isn’t very pleasant, but it’s the truth. As a result, by the end of the year, we will be mainly in Vietnam.”

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Because of tariff worries, For businesses wishing to move their production, Vietnam is emerging as an ideal destination. A 45% rate would be “very harmful” to Brooks for a $130 pair of running shoes. That’s why brooks decided to move most of its production to Vietnam.

China accounts for one-third of the worldwide Brooks factories, while Vietnam accounts for 19% of production. But due to the tariff issue, Brooks made its decision to shift some production outside of China. But it is unknown how much production Brooks will shift to Vietnam.

Weber also stated that Brooks hoped that within the next few years, the prototype for small, custom shoes runs in the US, but the majority of the technical and automotive know-how is in Asia. Brooks shoes are sold in almost 56 countries.

Brand of Sports Equipment:

Brooks, which has been around for 100 years, is well-known for its sports clothes and accessories. The brand’s policy is to create effective and environmentally-friendly equipment for athletes of all levels. In addition to producing new models, the company spends time researching and evaluating the demands of athletes. For example, the shoes must fit the runner’s needs in order to assure their athletic success.

All Brooks product lines are based on consumer feedback:

  • Marathon runners
  • Professional or beginner runner
  • Trail runners

This ensures the brand’s success because the sports equipment is more functional and adaptable to customers’ personal practices.

How To Spot Fake Brooks Shoes?

Brooks running shoes are made up of high-quality material. There are many companies in the market that are selling fake brooks shoes at low prices. But if you want to buy the original one, then here I will tell you how to spot fake brooks shoes.

The Box:

The first thing you should look at is the shoe packaging. Never buy anything without the box. The colors and patterns printed on the boxes are among the most difficult elements to replicate. You can therefore see some differences in fonts, size, and shades. It is important that you take all these details into account and compare them with a real box before buying.

The Details:

Things such as color combination, stitching, and even laces can tell whether a pair is real or not. So you must take the time to carefully examine every detail. Check the outside and inside of the shoes, feeling the sole and quality of the materials. Check whether the brand has actually produced these colors in this manner.

The Smell:

No, we’re not talking about the musty smell or dirty socks of someone. Experts mention the term “fake smell,” which means that despite being new, fake brooks shoes and original shoes smell different. This is because each shoe is made of a different combination of materials which gives them a distinct smell. Counterfeiters use materials of poor quality, so the smell will never be the same.


Sports shoes are essential for athletes because they give them an extra comfort. So if you want to buy sports sneakers, I would suggest you buy Brooks running shoes. Brooks’ advanced cushioning is the secret ingredient in all of their running sneakers. This system provides the runner with extra comfort, allowing the runner to recover his energy quickly.


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