Where Are Hunter Boots Made?


Where Are Hunter Boots Made?

Rain boots are something that everyone should have in their closet. And it won’t be wrong to say that hunter boots are the best rain boots out there. People think that they are too pricey. But to be honest they are worth the price. They are of good quality and would last longer than any other rain boot.

Let’s see how they started and where such gorgeous boots are made.

History of Hunter Boots

In 1856, two friends Henry Lee Norris and Spencer Thomas Parmelee opened up a factory at Castle Mill in Edinburgh. They named it Norris and Co. its ownership changed many times. And many companies bought it and sold it further. The name of Norris and Co. also changed many times.

For the first time in 2004, the company became independent when a group of investors acquired it. Then it was finally named The Hunter Rubber Company.

Relations with other brands

It bought and formed relations with many other brands, and extended its business on a large scale. They contributed to charity organizations. US festivals and fashion markets invited them to take part in their events. Different versions of its classic hunter original boot were produced for Jack Wills, Fortnum, Mason, WaterAid, and Cowshed.

They also collaborated with Suzy Radcliff of denim brand Radcliff, to manufacture trench coat designed boots.

In 2009 they made their dream collaboration. They worked with Jimmy Choo to make limited edition black Wellington Boot. They took the world by storm. And were a great success.

At present they are making boots in 30 different countries.

Where Are Hunter Boots Made?

They have worked for more than 165 years and established themselves. It has been stated by the company that their products are being made in the factories set up in China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Turkey and Vietnam and in Uk as well. Though they have their headquarters in Edinburgh Scotland their business is spread all over the world.

Asian and Middle Eastern countries are responsible for 70% of the manufacturing of their products. There are almost 60 manufacture operators in Asia.

Total Factories

It has a total of 288 different factories in the world. They are distributed in 30 countries.

In China

In 2008 they moved from Scotland to China. They are best known to produce their waterproof products. At first, the factories of hunter boots in China used to manufacture tyres, conveyor belts, combs, golf balls, hot water flooring. But now they supply amazing Wellington boots as well. They are the best-known product of the China factories.

In Indonesia

The following year the company decided to relocate its factories. They decided to establish more factories in Asia, hence made one in Indonesia. The majority of the factories of Hunter Rubber company are present in China.

In japan

Hunter has jumped into partnership with Itochu Japan. It shows its commitment to the Japanese market. They both have decided to make quality products and excel in Japan with their wide range of boots and other lifestyle products.

  • Shipped

The products made are then shipped to third-party suppliers present in Japan, UK, US and Canada.

How Are Hunter Boots Made?

It is a very long process and takes many steps.

Raw Material used

They make their boots from natural latex that comes from plantations in Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. The latex has 30-40% rubber and 60-65% water in it. It turns out to be great quality rubber to make shoes out of it.

Step 1: Raw material

At first, the rubber is selected, solidified and then transported to the hunter company.

Step 2:Mixing

They mix pigments into it and roll it into sheets. Most probably the pigment used is Carbon Black.

Step 3: Cutting

Then they are cut into 28 pieces which are further molded by hands.

Step 4: Assembling and Finishing

Then the boots are put under heat and pressure. The final result of the boots is waterproof and comfortable indeed.

Then all the final touches are given to the boots. They are inspected and packed nicely. And finally, the masterpieces leave to hit the stores.

Are hunter boots worth it?

They are no doubt a great pair of shoe to be chosen by someone.


They come in whole different sizes. They have adjustable buckles. On their website, they provide sizing charts and you can decide from there what size you should choose.

  • Anti-bacterial Fabric Lining

To prevent your feet from disease and other foot problems they have an anti-bacterial fabric lining. Your feet won’t stink or become sweaty at all.

  • Matte or glossy finish

They come n both styles. You can either go for a matte finish or a glossy one. It is always up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Why are Hunter Boots so expensive?

This is due to their Real Rubber Structure. It ensures that no water enters the shoe. Because of this, they are expensive.

Are Hunter Boots Guaranteed for life?

Hunter boots have a warranty of 24 months. Though not for a lifetime they go pretty far.

how to spot fake hunter boots?

The logo of the fake ones is different from the original ones. You can spot fake ones with the help of the logo.

Where do they ship?

They deliver in almost every country. Such as Ireland, UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada. They also deliver to certain African countries.

Are hunter boots good for snow?

No, hunter boots basically rain boots made for rainy weather. In the snow, they will help you walk easily, but they won’t provide you insulation and you would probably feel cold.


Hunter Boots have experience of so many years and have established themselves all over the world. Many celebrities and famous people love their products. Having such amazing rain boots in your closet that would stay the same for years is nothing less than a blessing. The main reason for their success is that all A-list celebrities have been spotted wearing them.

It means that they do have something special n them. Hunter boots made all over the world and loved by many are something one must try once in a lifetime.


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