Where Are New Balance Shoes Made?


Where Are New Balance Shoes Made?

When it comes to shoes, then the name of new balance is not new for shoe lovers. These are some of the finest shoes with good quality. So let us get to know about a little background and where are new balance shoes made?

Most of you people are fans of New Balance but do not know Where Is New Balance Made? These are some of the top-selling shoes because of the top-quality of the material. You prefer it over other shoes because of the comfort they deliver.

All of you are familiar with the fact that these shoes are of an American brand. This might give off a pretense that all the shoes are manufactured in America too. But you are wrong here as most of the shoes of the New Balance brand are manufactured outside the states.

There are many countries where New Balance manufacturing plants are present. Very few shoes are made in the States, or they are just assembled here.

But before beginning to know about where are new balance shoes made, let’s dig into the background of New Balance a little bit.

Background of New Balance:

New Balance is an American brand that originated in 1906. It is famous for its widely popular apparel and shoes. An Irish immigrant laid the foundation of this company and originally named it as New Balance arch support cooperation.

Back then, this company used to produce only arch support products. After selling this business to a new generation, this company produced its first running shoes in the 1960s. And later, they started to manufacture their signature apparel and sports shoes. And now, this is among the leading shoe manufacturers.

New Balance now manufactures a wide variety of running and sports shoes, including basketball shoes, baseball shoes, and every day sneakers.

Who Owns New Balance:

New Balance Athletics, Inc. and New Balance, Inc. both are owned by “Jam Davis” “Joe Preston”.

Where Are New Balance Shoes Made?

As opposed to the concept that New Balance makes its shoes in America, but only one out of four pairs of shoes are assembled or made in America. They sometimes manufacture the parts of shoes in different countries and assemble them in the States later. Rarely, these shoes are manufactured in factories based in the states.

Is New Balance Made in USA:

New Balance has its factories for manufacturing shoes in America are present in New England. They have both assembled and manufacturing plants. It is the only America based brand that manufactures athletic and performance shoes in the country.

There are only five factories in the USA that produce New Balance shoes. Almost 1600 workers work in those factories to manufacture these world-famous running shoes.

But these factories do not necessarily manufacture these shoes completely in the States, but mostly the material or parts of shoes are manufactured outside the country. The company makes some parts in other countries and then assembles them in the States. So, in addition to manufacturing, there are assembly plants in the USA as well. It is very rare to find New Balance shoes that are hundred percent made in America.

Let’s know about other sites where are New Balance made.

Is New Balance Made in China:

New Balance shoes are vastly manufactured in Asia, and they are particularly comfortable ones. China is the largest manufacturer of New Balance shoes in Asia. The manufacturing does not cost much, and the shoes become cheap and affordable. China supplies a good range of materials that are needed for the manufacturing of New Balance shoes.

The population of the country makes a good labor force that manufactures fine shoes in a different style. Every year New Balance manufactures millions of pairs of shoes in China, and then they are sent off to the market. Mostly they are considered to be manufactured in the USA, but in actual they come from the factories in China.

In addition to China, many other countries host New Balance factories for manufacturing the shoes. These countries are Vietnam and Indonesia.

In Vietnam:

Vietnam has emerged to be the fastest-growing country for the production of footwear. It hosts manufacturing plants of world-renowned man brand, and New Balance is one of them. The reason for its speedy growth as footwear manufacturers is because it has reduced tariffs a lot. It manufactures around a million pairs of New Balance shoes every year. Vietnam offers very low wages to its labor, and that is why the manufacturing of New Balance shoes in Vietnam is quite cost-effective.

In Indonesia:

Indonesia is another significant manufacturer of New Balance shoes. The plants of manufacturing in Indonesia produce shoes on a contract basis. Each pair of shoes manufactured in these plants is counted, and the plants are held accountable for productivity.

Apart from America, England is another big manufacturer of New Balance shoes. Almost 30% of the shoes are manufactured in England. The plant of New Balance shoes is present in Flimby, and it supplies a huge stock in the European market.

How to Spot Fake New Balance Shoes?

Some many vendors or companies sell fake shoes, but you can spot them if you know the signs in detail. New Balance has a certain striped log written as NB, and it is present on the insole. If it is fake, then the logo wanes out, but for the original, it remains intact.

The heel of the shoes also has a logo on it. Another sign is the circled R that certifies the originality of the shoe. You will find it along with the logo on the outsole near the heel.

New Balance Serial Number Check:

Always verify the original website of the seller when you are buying the shoes online. You should check the Serial number and other details inscribed on the box and match it with shoes as well.


The line present on the shoes is a smooth one, but in the fake shoes, it is duplicated and not very fine. Original New Balance shoes have very high-quality material, but the fake ones have a non-elegant material used in the making of the shoe. You can spot fake new balance from the texture of the material and cushion too. Fake New Balance does not provide cozy cushioning.


Original New Balance shoes have textured and dense laces. So it is another way to spot fake New Balance shoes.

You can compress the shoes and check for the crease. If crease forms in the stuff of the shoe, then it is fake. Additionally, you can always check for the matching of the serial number with one of the retail boxes.

Final Words:

Americans buy around millions of shoes, and that is why manufacturing competition is high. New Balance shoes have five manufacturing units in the States, but mainly the production is done in other parts of the world. China, Vietnam, and Indonesia are the countries with large New Balance shoe manufacturing plants. All these together meet the requirement of shoes worldwide.


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