Where Are Reebok Shoes Made?


Where Are Reebok Shoes Made?

I can guess you are a reebok shoe lover; that’s why you landed here. No doubt, Reebok is one of the top sneaker manufacturing companies that produce the best running shoes and other shoes. Adidas-owned global sportswear company Reebok has been in business for more than a century. It is one of the biggest brands that has stayed competitive over the years.

Throughout the world, Reeboks sneakers are well-known both as a fashion brand and as a footwear company. This brand serves as the official sponsor of events such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship and CrossFit Games.

When buying a pair of Reebok sneakers, have you ever wondered where it was made and by whom?. If you want to know where are reebok shoes made?. Then I’m here to tell you everything about this brand. All you have to do is read the whole article for interesting information.

Where Are Reebok Shoes Made?

Reebok was founded back in 1958 in the United Kingdom as a joint venture between sporting goods company J.W. Foster and Sons, which had its roots in Bolton. From 1958 to 1986, the brand used the Union Jack as part of its trademark to represent the company’s British heritage.

With its headquarters located in Boston, Massachusetts, the company also has regional offices in Mexico City, Hong Kong, Montreal, and Amsterdam.

In Asia:

The Reebok brand, which is part of the Adidas group, makes its shoes in Asia, namely in Vietnam. Before 2017 most of the production companies of Reebok sneakers were in Asia. Reebok has launched Run Easy, one of the brand’s largest running campaigns. The campaign’s goal was to inspire the world’s consumers to realize his potential and celebrate his individuality.

From the year 2000 onwards, the BaoCheng Group (the Chinese name for Pou Chen) moved shoe production to Vietnam in an effort to cut costs. Shoes for Reebok and Adidas are made at the Yue Yuen Factory. YueYuen Factory II and YueYuen Factory III mostly manufacture for Nike.

In the USA:

American shoe manufacturers believe that their products should be mass-produced in other countries and then sold to customers in the United States. Reebok, which Adidas owns, has developed a novel way to make its shoes in the United States using 3-D printing technology.

While some Reebok shoe styles are made in the United States, all of the materials are imported. US Postal Service approved styles, Berry Amendment Compliant US military styles, and athletic work styles are all part of the Made in USA collection of boots and shoes.

Lincoln, RI

Earlier, all Reebok footwear had been produced in Asia. However, in collaboration with the AF group company decided to open its Liquid Factory manufacturing lab in Lincoln, RI.

The Liquid Factory, created by Reebok’s Future Team, employs software and robotics to create three-dimensional sneakers.

Using the proprietary liquid material created by BASF for Reebok, this process draws shoe componentry precisely, cleanly, and in three-dimensional layers. The proprietary layering method is then employed to create “totally unique footwear with no use of traditional molds.”

Reeboks History:

In 1895, the Reebok group was founded in the United Kingdom, more specifically in Bolton, a tiny town in the northwest of England. It was invented by Joseph Foster, who was one of the first persons to produce spike athletic shoes by hand.

In 1924, the company welcomed its first international athletes by producing models for the Olympic Games, which were held in Paris. The name of the company was found by the founder’s two grandsons, in reference to the type of an African antelope (the rheboks). Reebok shoes became popular in the 1980s. The Reebok Classic Leather footwear was introduced as a running shoe in 1983, but it rapidly became a casual wear style icon.

Who Owns Reebok

From 2005 till now Reebok is owned by the German Sporting Goods maker The Adidas.

How to Spot Fake Reebok shoes?

Do you want to buy Reebok shoes? And confused whether they are original or not?. Don’t worry; I will tell you how you can spot fake reebok shoes. As a popular brand, there are a lot of fake shoes with a tag of Reebok. But I will explain the difference between real and fake reebok shoes.

Reebok Logo:

The first step in determining whether or not a pair of Reebok shoes are authentic is to inspect the box they came in. The Red and blue flag logos should be included. A white sticker with all of the shoe information, such as the style number, size, and other shoe characteristics, should also be included on the box.

QR Code:

The style number discussed in the previous step should also match the one on the tongue label. It must include one letter and five numbers. A QR code can also be found on the tongue. On the inside of your sneaker sole, you’ll notice a sticker with the exact same code number. The tongue label should not be a sticker; it should be sewn on.


Laces are one of the important parts. You can spot fake sneakers by looking at the laces. The laces on Reebok Classics are made of high-quality flat woven yarn. Make certain that the lace tips are securely sealed with a plastic cap. Check that the weave is even and tight. So make sure to check laces before buying shoes.


When you fold the sock liner back, you’ll notice an extra layer of foam that gives extra relaxation to your foot. Take note of how the foam and fabric upper have a clean join with no extra glue or sharp surfaces. Make sure the sock liner has three layers: two foam layers (one coarse and one dense ) and one fabric layer on top.


Reebok shoes are one of the best running sneakers. The headquarters of Reebok (an English-American company ) is in Boston, Massachusetts. Before 2017, most of the reebok shoes were manufactured in Asia, but they moved most of their production to the USA.  If you want to buy the best running and walking shoes, Reebok is the best option.


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