Where Are Timberland Boots Made?


Where Are Timberland Boots Made?

Timberland is an international leader in the manufacturing, design, and marketing of outdoor footwear, apparel, and other accessories. Timberlands produce the best quality products in the market. Their footwear and apparels are both in demand. They are bang for the buck for you. These boots are the most popular ones and are well known for their comfort in cold weather.

What is Timberland?

Timberland LLC is an American producer and retailer of outdoors wear. Timberland company is owned by VF Corporation. They are recognizable for their footwear products being their best-selling products. They also expanded their business by also manufacturing and selling clothes, watches, sunglasses, and leather goods.

Expanding overseas:

Their headquarters are located in different countries in the world. There are thousands of employees working for them both in America and in other countries. They also run their offices in Australia. They have spread their business all around the globe. They have maintained their name because of the goods they had produced.


The Company was founded by Nathan Swartz in 1952 when he brought about 50% in the Abington Shoe Company. He worked very hard and turned it into a family business. Then he moved to New market, New Hampshire. This place is well known for its mountains, dense forest, rivers, and access to east coast cities. This area experiences all types of weather, from hot summers to cruel winter weather.

The first Timberland boots were manufactured in New market, N.H., in 1973. They released their original yellow waterproof boots in the market. These boots became so popular in the blink of an eye that everyone wanted these stylish pairs of boots.

Change of name:

After the success of the Timberland boot, the company later changed its name to Timberland Company. In the 1980s, they also moved their branch to Tennessee. They also expanded their overseas factories first in the Dominican Republic and then in China. Now they are setting their marks in different parts of the world.

Where are Timberland boots made?

This is the most important question asked by people. People remain so curious about it. Their best-selling product is their boots. Your curiosity about it will be soon answered. The most important query asked by them is:

Are Timberland Boots Made in USA?

The answer is mostly no. Most of the Timberland shoes are made overseas. But some models are made in America. The shoes are mostly imported from other countries. There are lots of factories in foreign countries that are making Timberland boots and importing them to the USA.

How to know which products are made in the USA and which are imported?

It is very clear on their website which is made in the USA and which in other countries. When you scroll down you can get all the information you want about the product and can easily know about its origin and stuff.

How many percent is imported?

To truly know the actual amount of products that are imported you can go on their products page. You can check separately on their men and women footwear page that the total amount of goods made in the USA. To truly illustrate, over 98% are imported after analyzing their 1000 products on the website.

How many factories are operating overseas?

There is no. of factories around the world that are making Timberland products. The details of the number of factories that are operating are:

  • 13 in Argentina
  • 36 in Bangladesh
  • 7 in Brazil
  • 6 in Cambodia
  • 135 in China
  • 5 in the Dominican Republic
  • 3 in El Salvador
  • 1 in Germany
  • 13 in Guatemala
  • 2 in Honduras
  • 53 in India
  • 1 in Indonesia
  • 4 in Italy
  • 1 in Japan
  • 5 in South Korea
  • 3 in Mauritius
  • 7 in Mexico
  • 1 Moldova
  • 8 in Nicaragua
  • 2 in Pakistan
  • 5 in the Philippines
  • 3 in Portugal
  • 1 in Romania
  • 16 in Taiwan
  • 2 in Thailand
  • 4 in Tunisia
  • 16 in Turkey
  • 1 in the UK
  • 11 in the USA
  • 56 in Vietnam

What Are Timberland Boots Made of?

They use different varieties of material while manufacturing, so that each boot is made with proper finish. The emblematic Timberland boots are made from nubuck leather. You might have thought:

What kind of leather Nubuck is?

Nubuck is the most used cattle leather that has been buffed or sanded on the grain side outside producing a velvet-like surface. It may be white or also colored. It is resistant to wear also. By sanding, we get a nice smooth finish.

Mostly the uppers are made up of leather. The choices selected for this purpose are:

  • Stylish suede
  • Hard-wearing full-grain
  • Best-of-both nubuck

Timberland only selects that which is best for the environment and follows best practices. They use that leather which comes from LWG silver tanneries or gold-rated tanneries. Their boots outstand other shoes and are famous all over the world


The selection of the leather is based on the fact whether the boot is intended for leisure, fashion, hiking, or work purposes. You can take an example that suede has splendid look and touch but it is not suitable to use for work purposes. And heavy full-grain leather is durable and hard however you cannot regard them as office wear because it will be too much for a daily boot.


The inners carry glove leather into the lining. Glove leather is soft smooth lightweight leather and also a more flexible hide. It feels amazingly soft on the foot as it provides the strength and structure of the leather. It also lessens the time required for breaking into the shoes.


The sole of shoes are made out of rubber that is injection moulded. These rubbers are used to achieve:

  • Waterproofing
  • Durability
  • Maximum grip

The most important question asked is:

Material used in Timberland soles

The thick soles are made from rubber that comes in a variety of colors that enhance the beauty of the upper. Their awe-inspiring  yellow boots are made up of their iconic honey rug.


The sewing of the upper, inners and soles is done with the help of row nylon which is quadrupled. This nylon is super tough and elastic. They are also repellent to mildew and rot. They are best for any suitable. They are stitched together on special sewing machines by skilled shoemakers. All the boots go through the same better treatment.

Now you can feel assured that your feet will stay dry even in the moist environment. And it is because the soles are permanently attached to the top of the boots. At last, before the final touches such as lacing, inspection, and display in stores, the eyelets are placed by Timberland’s artisans.


Is Timberland a good boot?

Yes! Timberland is a great choice for you. They are durable, stylish, and comfortable and have the best performance. They have proved that they are worth the hype.

How long should Timberland boots last?

Their main attribute is their durability. The normal quality ones last for a year but the good ones can last much longer.

Are Timberland boots worth it?

Sure. These boots are bang for the buck. You will never regret buying these shoes.

What is the most famous Timberland boot?

Their most famous boot is their first yellow boots. These made them stand where they are.

Are wolverine boots exported all over the world?

They are exported all around the world. They have their headquarters established in various countries.

Are Timberland boots made in the USA?

Yes! There are some boots which are also made in the USA.


Timberland boots are good for snow. They outstand most of the boots because of their supreme qualities. These are expensive but trust me you will never regret buying these amazing boots.


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