Where Are Under Armour Shoes Made?

Under Armour is a popular sportswear brand in the US they manufacture sports products in various locations and supply them worldwide just like Nike & Addidas. They are popular because of their unique & innovative designs. Under Armour, shoes are for various activities like running, training, football, and more. You must be wondering Where Are Under Armour Shoes Made? What material is used? How to Spot Fake Under Armour Shoes? Such questions come to our minds when buying shoes. Don’t worry In this article below, we have mentioned each detail about under-armour shoes.

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Under Armour History:

Under Armor (NYSE: UA) is an American company headquartered in Baltimore specializing in the apparel industry (Maryland, United States). A former American football player Kevin Plank was the driving force behind the organization’s founding in 1996. Later they expand their products and manufactured shoes for sports & activities.

When the American company began, its founder mentioned naming his brand “Body Armor. ” His brother, Bill Plank, misheard him for saying “Under Armor “instead of “Body Armor. “

Kevin Plank was drawn to this name, and as a result, the name of the American firm, “Under Amour,” was launched. The logo was created shortly after that, combining the letter “U” for “Under” and the letter “A” for “Armor,”. A logo that is easy to recognize is now widely used worldwide.

The company received its first break in 1999 when Warner Brothers (the American film & entertainment studio) used the brand to feature film.

Where Are Under Armour Shoes Made?

Under Armor introduced its first collection that is entirely “Made in the USA.” The supply chain and production of Under Armor shoes are located in different countries. Commonly they manufacture in China, Indonesia, Jordan, Vietnam Cambodia, and the Philippines. Here are the details about where are Under Armour shoes made.

Note: The location of the manufacturing units changes over time according to the company’s supply chain & demand in the market.

Under Armour Made in China:

China always comes first for the production of Under Armour shoes. Under Armour (NYSE: UAA) operates approximately 600 stores in China, including those that the company owns and those where third-party partners work. They have different centers, especially in large cities where they get up-to-date facilities.

Despite being 20 times smaller than Nike and Adidas, Under Armour’s business in China continues to multiply. In 2018, about $300 million worth of Under Armour goods were sold in China.

The reason to manufacture most of the products in China is labor and material are cheaper here compared to Europe & US. In today’s time, 18% of units are made in China. However, Under Armour shifted its manufacturing from China to Vietnam and other Asian countries due to the trade war between US and China.

Under Armour Made in Vietnam:

Yes, many shoes, accessories, and apparel are made in Vietnam. Vietnam offers cheaper materials and labor than China. So if anything happened in China they have backup in Vietnam production. But Under Armour does not only rely on China & Vietnam.

Vietnam becomes the destination for many footwear brands. Surprisingly, Vietnam has most of the shoe manufacturing for other brands also like Hey Dude, ASICS, & Brooks.

Under Armour Made in Malaysia:

In 2015, Under Armour opened units in Malaysia. The higher sales in Asian countries are the reason behind units in Malaysia. The company easily manufactured shoes and exported them to other countries.

Under Armour Made in USA:

A new logo for Under Armour’s goods, “Made in America,” will appear on some of the company’s products. According to the company, the second-largest sports brand in the United States debuted an initial line of apparel on Monday, produced at the brand’s innovation center in Baltimore.

Several athletic brands like Under Armour and Nike still make their products in the United States. Under Armour (UA) has committed to designing and manufacturing more apparel and footwear at its 35,000-square-foot UA Lighthouse facility. They do this by experimenting with limited-run collections and testing the production process and the prices customers are willing to pay for domestic goods.

Quality Features of Under Armour:

Under Armour is a highly rated shoe among customers because of its quality features. As to being breathable, flexible, and supportive, the material used in the shoe’s upper part is also lightweight. The sole of Under Armour shoes is made of rubber to provide the best grip while being as flexible and lightweight as the uppers. Here are some quality features of Under Armour shoes.

Durability & Breathability: UA shoes are high in durability because 80% of the material used in shoes is polyester-based material. So for years, the shoes will provide you without losing the quality. They used breathable materials and mesh panels in the shoes which provide you airflow & ventilation. This helps to prevent sweat and keep your feet dry.

Cushioning: They have versatile cushioning systems such as Micro G and Charged Cushioning these reduce the impact on joints. It designs in shoes so you get comfortable running or walking.

Stability and Support: UA uses features like supportive elements like heel counters and midfoot shanks that give you more stability while any activity. They take care of the customer’s needs and keep in mind flexible support while designing the shoes.

Affordable: They always make sure customer satisfaction with the features and costs also. The shoes are reliable & affordable. Because of this reason, they get the award for the world’s 6th best-selling shoe brand. This is an affordable brand without any compromise on quality.

How to Spot Fake Under Armour Shoes?

Buying sneakers has become a fashion necessity. The joy of a brand-new pair usually outweighs the regret of the price, but the problem arises when the shoe is not genuine. Here we will discuss the about of counterfeits, focusing on fake Under Armour shoes so that you can learn to spot fake Under Armour shoes. Below we have mentioned what to look for while buying these shoes.

  • Box: When it comes to authenticity, the box is a crucial indicator. The replicas box may look similar to the original but it’s less glossy than the original. The logos or tags on the box looks wired or in different fonts.
  • Shank Plate: In the replicas, one shank plate is made with rubber and it allows one to fold the shoes.
  • Logo & Branding: Look at the logo carefully the original logo looks clean. The font, size, spacing everything is on point. The blurry or uneven font logo can clearly sign of counterfeit shoes.
  • Sticker: Most companies produce stickers in specific sizes, fonts, & spacing. false stickers also exist in the market. Check the sticker carefully or if you have doubts look online and compare the sticker.
  • Code SKU: This abbreviation stands for “stock keeping unit,” which is the stock unit number. This number may include letters, which are unique for each color model for each brand of shoes. It allows you to check online if your product matches the order.
  • Quality Of Seams: When comparing the seams to the original, look at the distance between the holes and the thread quality and structure. It’s difficult to find if a shoe has flaws before you’ve worn it. So always check the pair.
  • Packaging and accessories: The shoes come with the original packaging that includes a shoebox, tags, and any additional accessories. The fake products may miss accessories or the packing look cheap.

Questions About Under Armour Shoes

Q- Where Are Under Armour Shoes Made?

A- Under Armor introduced its first collection that is entirely “Made in the USA.” The supply chain and production of Under Armor shoes are located in different countries. Commonly Vietnam & China is the major manufacturing unit of Under Armour. The other countries that manufacture are Indonesia, Jordan, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

Q- Why does Under Armour manufacture products outside the USA?

A- Under Armour and many other global brands also manufacture outside the USA for 3 Main reasons.
1- Cost efficiency
2- Global market access
3- Supply chain diversification

Q- How to find a specific Under Armour product that was made?

A- You can check the label or packaging where it was made. Most of the products have all the information about the country name where it was made like “Made in Vietnam”. With this, you can easily find out where the product was made.


Undoubtedly, Under Armour shoes are one of the best shoes. Where Are Under Armour Shoes Made? The brand is Based in the US the most of the units are in China, Indonesia, Jordan, Vietnam Cambodia, and the Philippines. Under Armour is a highly rated shoe among customers because of its quality features. We hope this article was helpful and that you got all the information you wanted regarding the Under Armour Shoes. If you have any other information or any doubts Please comment below and let us know how we can improve our article.

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