Where Are Wolverine Boots Made?


Where Are Wolverine Boots Made?

We all have heard of the Wolverine boots. The boots like fine wine, that are always getting better with age! These rugged boots are loved by men. So many celebrities also like to compliment their outfits with these sturdy shoes.

Wolverine History

These comfortable and tough boots were first manufactured in Michigan in 1883. G.A Krause made a leather tannery in Michigan. He hired brilliant craftsmen who worked day and night to make boots.

The first boot to become famous by them was the 1000 Mile boot. Named so because it claims 1000 miles of wear. Even today it is one of the best products of Wolverine.

And when the world reached 1903, Krause and Co. were manufacturing 300 shoes per day in their factory. In 1912 the company decided to change its name and then it became Wolverine Shoe and Tanning Company. The name of the company was changed once again in 1964 to Wolverine World Wide, Inc. by this time the company had started to rise to fame. And their different smaller brands started to become more popular.

Where Are Wolverine Boots Made?

Their initial manufacturing started in Michigan. Even today they are manufactured there. It is like their home city. It is based out of the cooperate offices in Rockford Michigan and Waltham.

Apart from Michigan, they are also made in other factories established by Wolverine in the USA.

The styles made in the USA include

  • Steel toe hiking boots.
  • Workboots
  • 1000 mile boots.

It is stated that 85% of their shoes are manufactured by third-party manufactures. These manufacturers are located in the Asia-Pacific region and Central and South America.

Apart from these, the balance is produced in the companies located in Michigan, Arkansas, Dominica Republic and Mexico. They have their offices in London, France, Germany and Netherlands. The manufacturing of wolverine in Europe is monitored by these offices.

In pacific Asia this role is played by the offices in India, China, Vietnam and Thailand. Apart from these they also have an office in Canada. They have their footprints in 200 different countries.

They are manufactured in all of the following countries:

India, Canada, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Michigan, Arkansas, Germany, Thailand, London and France.

Brands Under Wolverine:

Wolverine Michigan owns the following brands:

Bates, Cat Footwear, Hush Puppies, Hy Test, Merrel and Wolverine, Chaco, Harley-Davidson Footwear.

And Wolverine Boston owns the following brands:

Keds, Saucony, Sperry Top-Sider, the Sider Rite licensed business and the kids footwear business of Cat, Hush Puppies, Keds, Merrell, Saucony and Sperry.

Manufacturing of Wolverine Boots?

We can’t imagine what it takes to build a shoe. It is a lot of hard work drenched in the blood, sweat and tears of the workers.

Approximately 40 people work daily to make thousands of shoes. Firstly the best quality leather is selected and then it is cut and stitched to make a shoe. In the end, all the shoes go through inspection. And all the perfectly made shoes leave to hit the stores.

While manufacturing these boots following qualities are always kept in mind:

  • Comfort:

The more comfortable the shoe the better it is. They claim to be making the most comfortable shoes and it won’t be wrong to say that they provide what they claim.

  • Durability:

These are highly durable and have a high endurance level. They can go with you for many years and still be in their best conditions. Moreover, they can easily endure harsh climates.

  • Variety built:

It comes in a variety of sizes and fits all type of feet. So you can easily find your right size.

There are 60 steps in the manufacturing process of the wolverine boots:

#1. Inspecting the leather

Specialists test the leather and look weather it is perfect for the manufacturing of wolverine boots or not. It needs to be 100% pure and waterproof leather.

#2. Cutting of the leather

The leather is then cut to desired pieces in their designated sizes. After that the leather is assembled.

#3. Insole and outsole

Once all the cutting process is completed the outsole and insole are prepared. They are made waterproof by the help of different products.

#4. Match Insloes

The manufactured insoles are matched with the sample sizes to ensure there is no mistake in the manufacturing.

#5. Trimming

After all of the assembling, the excess leather is trimmed with the help of machines.

#6. Stitching

The shoe is then stitched. All the stitching process of the shoe is done with the help of the machines.

#7. Cork filling

After this the cork filling is done. It ensures orthopedic comfort and great support to the shoes.

#8. Sole

The sole of the shoe is heated first and then stitched to the bottom of the shoe.

#9. Final touches

A nail is applied to the heel of the shoe. Apart from it the logo is printed on its right place, and then the shoe goes for the final assessment.

#10. Packaging

Once all the steps are completed and the shoes are completely ready, they are packed in a great quality shoe box.

Why Choose Wolverine?

  • Experience

They have 135 years of experience under their belt in making shoes. They are known all over the world for making high-quality boots with the help of the best materials, innovative machinery and qualified craftsmen.

  • Style and Design

There is only one word to describe their style and design and that is rugged. These sturdy masculine boots go so well with your everyday look. They complement all kind of outfits so well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is Wolverine a good boot?

Yes! Wolverine boots are premium quality work boots for men and women and they have made up to the list of the best boots.

How long should Wolverine boots last?

They should go about 1000 miles. These boots are durable and last for years.

Are Wolverine boots worth it?

Yes! They are worth it. These classic and versatile boots are comfortable and worth the hype.

What is the most comfortable Wolverine boot?

Wolverine Men’s Overpass 6” Waterproof Work Boot is said to be the most comfortable wolverine boot.

Are wolverine boots exported all over the world?

Yes! They are exported to almost all countries over the world. To be more precise they have their branches established in more than half of the world.

Are wolverine boots made in the USA?

Yes! They are made in the USA. More accurately manufactured in Michigan.


Wolverine boots are great boots to invest in. though they are expensive and people hesitate in getting them. But to be honest they are worth the price and have proved themselves to be good boots to invest in.


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