Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers So Expensive

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If you are a shoe lover, love stylish shoes, and are very particular about quality, you must choose golden goose sneakers. Golden goose sneakers are one of the market’s most luxurious brands, so you must be wondering Why are golden goose sneakers so expensive.

There are many reasons behind its high prices. Its manufacturing cost is so high because it is 100% made of expensive leather and shiny gold vinyl.

Golden goose sneaker is an Italian shoe brand launched in 2000 by Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Ronaldo. It is very comfortable to walk.

It is an Italian brand that hits the market incredibly. The main inspiration behind these shoes is the travel destination.

This brand is trendy and available in all colors and styles. Golden goose shoes are unavailable in local stores, so you must go to its specific brand store to grab them.

Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers So Expensive

These luxurious shoes’ prices range from $400 to $700. You must be wondering why these prices are on the higher side. It’s due to its excellent quality material. But it’s not the only reason for the higher cost. There are many other reasons which make these shoes unique and a little expensive some of the reasons are listed below:

1) High Demand

Golden goose sneakers are in high demand due to their excellent material and unique shoe style. It doesn’t have market competitors, so its production is limited, which increases its market demand.

2) Quality of the Materials

The materials used in these shoes are expensive, so the quality is maintained. The leather used in these shoes is mainly sourced from tanneries in Italy. The leather is made with many traditional methods to make it soft and durable.

Apart from the leather, other materials used during its manufacturing process are also of high quality. The soles used for these shoes are sourced from the best European supplier. The feathers used for insulation are taken by geese raised in free-range form.

3) They are Handmade

Another reason for the high prices of golden goose sneakers is that they are handmade. Each pair of shoes is carefully crafted with a unique design that fits your feet perfectly. These shoes are crafted by skilled artisans, which increases the cost as well as the budget of the boots.

While making these shoes, the customers’ needs are prioritized so that the clients can receive a quality-based product.

4) Sneaker’s Height

Golden goose shoes have hidden wedges in their soles that increase a person’s height to some extent. Most women are big fans of heels, so this hidden wedge is purchased mainly by women.

5) Costly Leather

Calfskin leather is the most expensive leather as compared to other leathers. Because of its rich material, the prices are a little higher. Golden goose shoes are made of calfskin leather.

6) Premium Cotton Laces

The laces used for these sneakers are made in Italy. These laces are more costly than the standard laces used in shoes because they are handmade by experts. These laces are also longer and thicker than the regular ones.

7) Marketing Cost

A good marketing strategy is essential for selling a product in a big marketplace. Undoubtedly, the golden goose sneaker spends a good amount on its marketing strategies to enhance its market demand. So, the commercials and ads by celebrities cost them, which also increases the shoe budget.

8) Taxes and Tariffs

Taxes and tariffs also impact the price of golden goose shoes. Taxes are also added to the shoe price.

For example, if you purchase a shoe that costs $300, you will also pay a tax of 8% on it. And if it’s directly shipped from Italy, the tax would be even more than 8%.

9) Durability

Since golden goose shoes are made of leather and suede, these materials are long-lasting and durable, so the lifetime of these shoes increases.

Is Golden Goose Sneaker Cheaper in Italy

Yes, golden goose sneakers are cheaper in Italy and many other European countries due to tax relaxation and because these shoes are initially made in Italy. These shoes are $100 or $200 cheaper in European countries compared to other countries.

Where to Buy Golden Goose Sneakers

There are many options to buy golden goose sneakers, but the best choice is to find them on Official websites. So, you can be assured that these are the original shoes.

Apart from the company’s website, their shoes are also available in some retail shops: Nordstrom, Saks fifth avenue, and shop bop.


Golden goose sneakers are one of the most luxurious shoes. They are made of leather and suede. Their lifetime is incredibly long with their durable material. The cost is a little higher due to its material, taxes and tariffs, marketing expenses, good quality leather etc. One of the primary reasons behind their high price is that they are hand-crafted by a skilled artisan.

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