Why Are My Feet Sweating But Are Cold

What is Excessive Sweating A Sign OF?

Sweating is totally natural but excessive amounts of sweating may cause some feet problems. In fact, the sweating rate of an adult can also be 2-4 liters per hour according to the situation and external environment. Sweating of feet can also be caused by nervousness or anxiety but this condition is common in summer as well as in winter.

The main reason for this condition is that when your body is hot it allows the blood vessels to expand quickly and allows the blood flow faster. Many other reasons are also responsible for these conditions, one of them is the poor circulation of blood all over the body.

Why Are My Feet Sweating But Are Cold?

Sweating of feet is a normal thing but it is annoying and nerving as well. We are ready to face the fact that feet sweat in summer but what else if you have to face the same condition in winter also. This may also be caused by the bad air circulation in the feet area.

The other side of the picture is that when you sweat your feet become cold. This happens because wearing shoes does not allow the air circulation so that feet sweat and when the sweating evaporates it gives the colder effect to the feet or body.

Reasons for Sweating Feet

There are many reasons for sweating of feet even when they are cold. Some of them are listed below,

#1. A shift in weather

Excessive sweating can also occur due to the changing weather condition. This occurs under the condition which is named as autonomic regulation. This condition occurs when your body works overtime to overcome that weather condition.

#2. Dry cracked skin

The skin is dried in winter and forms cracks. Due to sweating these cracks become wet and cause a smelly odor.

#3. Layering Thicker Socks

In winters people often wear multiple pairs of socks which causes feet to be warm and sweaty as well. These multiple pairs of socks can also cause pressure and friction to the feet.

#4. Your Footwear

In the winter season you often wear warmer shoes than in summer. These boots or shoes are normally non-breathing footwear. When your feet are enclosed to this tightened shoe area, bacteria turn out well and cause many diseases.

#5. Poor Circulation of Air and Blood

Poor circulation of blood and air within the feet area is also an important reason for the sweating of feet. Due to tightened blood vessels blood does not circulate in feet which may cause sweating and annoying odor.

#6. Raynaud’s Syndrome

In this condition various parts of the body feels cold and causes sweating, this is mainly caused in feet and hand area. This is caused by some arteries which shrinks down in cold weather.

#7. Anxiety

Sweating of feet can also occur in any stressful situation. When a person feels anxiety he or she starts sweating. It depends upon the condition of that person’s body. In anxiety the flow of blood is redirected. Sweating and low blood flow can cause your feet to feel cold.

Why Are My Feet Sweating All Of A Sudden

The main cause of feet sweating suddenly is External – Heat as well as Internal – Heat.

  • External heat is due to atmospheric change while internal heat is the heat within the body. So when the external or internal temperature rises the body starts sweating to overcome that temperature change.
  • Emotions are also the reason behind it, when a person is in emotional stress his body starts sweating.
  • Due to the damage in sympathetic nerves or trauma the air and blood circulation are affected which cause sweating.
  • Our hectic daily life is also responsible for it. Standing all day on your feet may cause high sweating in your feet.
  • Hormonal issues are also responsible for excessive sweating. All functions of the body are inspired by the hormonal change in the body.
  • Feet can also sweat due to the excessive sweat glands which are present in feet.
  • Intake of unhealthy food is also a main reason for this irregular sweating pattern. If your food is not healthy your body will suffer it badly.
  • Those who are suffering from high blood pressure also suffer from excessive sweating all of the sudden.  As the blood pressure rises the sweating pattern also rises.


Sweating is a natural process but excessive sweating is a major problem among some people. There are many reasons behind this, some of them are, shifting of weather, multiple socks, uncomfortable footwear, high blood pressure, anxiety, poor circulation of blood and air. These all may cause many feet problems including bad odor.

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